Photography for me is all about art.

Since a young child I have always loved creating something, whether it be drawing, painting or taking pictures... Now I'm older, not much has changed.

Over the years I have received several international awards from the most prestigious photography organisation in the world.

Sunny Marwaha - when he was a child with cameras



My photography allows me to channel my creativity into producing something beautiful and completely unique for my clients.

I achieve this by seeing, thinking and working like an artist, by visualising a finished product and then creating it through composition and post processing. Once the work is complete, only then can I share my vision with everyone else.

I'm not just passionate about photography, I'm passionate about bettering myself as an artist, and ultimately surpassing my clients' expectations. That is my real goal, to produce high quality images and memories for my clients that will last a lifetime. I feel that there is no better measure of success than happy clients.

Someone once told me that,

You should be able to see yourself in the pictures you take...Quote

This made so much sense to me and it ultimately changed the way I thought about photography and through refinement made my style what it is today. As an individual I like to think of myself as artistic, creative, visionary, romantic & according to my wife, sometimes dramatic... traits which can be seen in my images...

About Sunny Marwaha - PhotoWalla